Pasadena Preparatory AcademyAt Pasadena Preparatory Academy our program is uniquely individualized to fit your child’s academic and social growth. All our students receive instruction geared towards their own level and pace. Our mixed age classrooms promote interaction between children of various ages and academic levels while still providing the individual attention each child needs. Our program offers the core curriculum of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science plus many included extracurricular classes as well. All kindergartners and up enjoy Music, Dance, Spanish, and Computers each week.

pa-mathThe Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms provide a traditional Montessori program during the school day. The children utilize a variety of Montessori materials and teacher made materials which cover all the core subjects. Each child is able to progress through the materials at his/her own pace and additional material is provided whenever needed. In addition, our Kindergarten and first grade students work with phonics books, reading books, and additional worksheets to supplement the Montessori Materials. First grade students also use a variety of workbooks and handouts to ensure your child meets all the current state standards in California as well.

pa-math2Second grade through 8th grade students transition from the traditional Montessori program to a Montessori influenced state standards based curriculum. The teachers use an individualized approach with a variety of teaching methods including workbooks, textbooks, direct instruction, independent study, project based learning, and manipulatives. All elementary students also work with Mortensen’s Math, which introduces the children to a variety of higher level mathematics concepts such as algebra and calculus. The student to teacher ratio is low and therefore each child gets individual attention from his/her teachers each day. Once they reach the high school level, students will transition smoothly from Pasadena Preparatory Academy to any private or public school.

Extracurricular is part of the program


pa-computerStudents enjoy a broad availability of resources through a closely supervised and monitored internet use from educational programs, to extensive research sources to fulfill any necessary school projects.


spanish-ecStudies have shown that the earlier a child is introduced to languages, the easier it will be for them to comprehend them. Our program includes Spanish instruction as part of the regular curriculum.

Music and Dance

pa-danceAt a time when fine arts are continually being cut from public schools, our program offers classes in music and dance, as well as additional after school opportunities for piano and ballet.